Monday, April 19, 2010

Paint The Town Red

This past weekend was Paint The Town Red, put on by the Birmingham Chapter Red Cross. I have been working on planning this event for the past couple months, organizing art vendors as eye candy for some of the participants. The brick walls and store fronts of Second Avenue North in the Loft District were transformed into projection surfaces for some insane digital art and animated short films. There were belly dancers, break dancers, a marching band, and of course incredible art vendors. Here are a few pics from the weekend. My little sister and boyfriend set up my booth while I was running around like crazy getting everything organized.

Just finished setting the booth up here, had a little time to mess around. OK, well Gavin set the booth up, he was absolutely wonderful as always. He helped load everything into the car, and unload into the street. Such a wonderful boy, even dressed the part to sell some vintage clothes and jewelry.

As the night sky faded all of the artwork popped from the brick walls. The vendors were even sure to bring some pretty lights to boost their tables.

All of the art work seen below is the making of my incredibly talented younger sister Lily. She makes the shadow boxes to sell. I keep telling her she needs to post them on ETSY, but she never listens.

This box was my favorite. I loved the dangling keys, they made a beautiful sound in the wind.

Lily also attempted to make a little extra cash flow by selling a poems for a dollar, as the lights started to fade that idea went quickly out the window. It would have been a funky idea, if it werent so darn dark. I purchased a brand new typewriter from Whats On 2nd this weekend as well. A pure beauty, Underwood teal blue portable typewriter with case. I will post pictures later.

This was a painting Lily brought out to display at the festivities. I love how the lights shine through in the dark.

Overall it was a very successful weekend. I sold a few goodies, had a great time with my lil sis and boy, my dad and older sister even showed up to join the fun. The Red Cross put on an amazing event, and I cant wait to help out again next year.

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