about me

Im just a girl trying to spread creativity. My name is 
Carrie Fagan Montgomery and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I never really thought I would stay in Birmingham, but it looks like I'm here for now. I recently graduated college with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in studio art. I'm hoping to merge these two passions into an incredible job one day. For now You can find me posting beautiful vintage items in my shop The APpleSeed.

Very soon I hope to open a community art center/gallery in Birmingham. I am super excited about this, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. But for now, I am taking it slow and working through all of the logistics, taxes, business license, contributing artists, advertising... it will be interesting. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I try and update ideas and photos, crafts and projects  I would be intersted in reading about. 

Oh and I love creating sculptures from recycled materials. You can see some pics of my work below. Hey, I also love pinpals...( i send some cool gifts) email me if you wanna be pals: cfmontgomery23@gmail.com

And some more facts about myself, because I feel it is necessary...

My favorite food would have to be crisp apples. 
I have quite the collection of collections, inlcuding baby ben clocks, tin cans, and shoes
(of course)
my little sister lily is one of the most creative individuals i know. 

I get so excited learning new art skills (i just picked up precious metal clay)
I have never had a car...yes im 22 and never owned a car. 
I love my two bikes (vintage road bike, and cruiser)
I support eating local and love visiting farmers markets.

My mom currently has 16 chickens in her back yard. (she lives inside city limits HA!)
Garden Gnomes make me smile.. always

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