Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday: Pretty Organization

someday when I have kids. This will be in their bedroom. Or maybe before then, my bedroom!

I have seen this idea posted plenty of places. I have gathered several different storage devices to compile together, One day I will get around to constructing this.

I have discovered that I m slowly running out of room in my closet. I have already tried baskets and more shelves, but there is just never enough room. I really love these ideas for closets that are out in the open. It forces you to stay clean and tidy. Here are a few pretty pics of closets I found.

how simple. a bookshelf sitting upon an end table. Easy. Simple. Adorable.

Here are a few tips I found on how to keep your closet clean!

Plastic Bins
Plastic totes or bins with lids provide closet storage for less-frequently used items. The lids allow bins to stack, maximizing use of vertical space. Larger totes provide lots of storage volume at a low cost, making them one of the best budget-conscious closet organization ideas.
Wire or Wicker Baskets
Wire and wicker baskets keep accessories and fold-able items accessible and visible. The open sides encourage air circulation, keeping clothes from smelling musty after long periods of storage.
Hanging Organizers
If you don’t use a lot of the hanging space in your closet, a unique closet organization idea is to convert the hanging rod to shelf space with inexpensive canvas cubbyhole organizers.These organizers hang from the closet rod and will allow you to organize your sweatshirts, sweaters, and shirts. Hanging organizers can also convert the back of the closet door into usable storage space.
Adjustable Wire Shelving
Modular adjustable wire shelving lets you rearrange the shelves as you see fit. Adjustable wire shelves are great for kids’ closets too, since you can place the hanging rods low and adjust the heights as the children grow.

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