Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Some photos from my Birthday.
Kinsey and Brock acting unusual as normal. Obviously they were talking very intently.

Her is my wonderful BIRD cake! Deupree (the baker/artist) called Gavin to ask what type of birthday cake she should make. Gavin told her that my favorite colors this week were canary yellow ( i will explain later), and turquoise. So she created this wonderful birdy cake. Complete with eggs on top. The chocolate dipped leaves were my favorite. I think they had bits of MnM's in them.

My gifts from Kinsey (the bird jar), and Anna (beautiful flowers) Complete with home-made momma bread which Gavin prepared just for me! He made about 6 loafs and there is only slices of one remaining. Kinsey helped decorate the table with all of my collection of tin cans.

And here is the food! Gavin opened my craft table to seat all of the guests. Best food dish was prepared by Madeline and Rami. They made shrimp and grits. Everyone devoured it.
Special Thanks to Rach for snapping photos the entire time. I will post some of hers later, and Momma A (Gavin's mom) for shipping a KING cake last minute. Everone devoured that as well.

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  1. Love your store and your blog!! So cute! Can't wait to read more! P.S. Happy Belated Birthday! :-)


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