Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picnic Time

It is finally time to rummage through your grandmothers closet for the perfect knit quilt.
Yes my friends, it is picnic season.

Here in Alabama we have a good three weeks of perfect.sunny.70 degree weather to enjoy a little croquet, or mimosas with strawberries, and of course your favorite picnic basket or two before the weather turns sour.

...and by sour I mean unbearably hot.

These past couple of weekends I was able to relax
at a few of my favorite parks in Birmingham with a few of my favorite friends.

Weekend 1

A shop in Birmingham that rents every imaginable type of picnic supplies.
On top of that, hosts 2nd Sunday Picnic @ Rushton Park on Highland every month.
The owner brings out croquet sets, bat-gamin, picnic tables, and plenty of yummy treats.
Vintage revamped bikes are also sold at the shop. Check it out.
You will not be disappointed.

Weekend 2

Railroad Park.
This particular visit we met up with a handful of friends,
and began plotting for our community field day.
Accompanied of course by mimosas and fresh fruit.
I am talking about balloons. picking teams. potato sack races. parachutes.
the works!

Where do you like to picnic?


  1. I love to picnic in a park that on our city <3 specially in sundays where there are a lot of families and ppl having fun

  2. NO FREAKING WAY! I totally just "borrowed" one of my grandmother's old quilts just the other day for this! lol. In fact, I have a few spots in my yard designated for this very purpose. It has been pretty humid here in Al these past few days, though. I cant's STAND the muggy air!lol.

    what was the name of the shop?

    Love the pictures btw.


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