Sunday, October 31, 2010

OH so Loveley Funky

some people are just so darn talented these days...
for real... i could get lost on the internet searching through blogs/paintings/etsy/design if only i could bring everyone here to Birmingham... it would be like a craft party everyday.

(picture above)
ha... confused? this is the start of a new project. the broccoli will be transformed into wearable art.. i promise to keep you posted. but hopefully they will be incredibly GReat!

here is a hint.

now you can always be healthy....
and thought i would share some sweet finds.

purple print

lucious space

incredible outfit....

can i please get married here.

gosh darn this weekend was funky.
full of Halloween candy, horse back rides, and beautiful weather.
i was a little bummed.. i went to Sams Club to stock up on some candy... and i only got TWO tricker treaters...(HUH?)... that is what i get for living at the top of the hill:(

now all of the candy is nicely scattered throughout the house...
OH and I got some super sweet finds from the thrift this weekend.

good times.

alright so if you were not already aware i found TWO really great blogs....
here they are.... (kind of amazing)

also... does anyone have a favorite illustrator on ETSY...
I'm looking to buy some prints for my room.


  1. i neeeeed a pretty broccoli necklace.. or any vegetable for that matter.

  2. Broccoli that's clever!!

  3. i love the necklace and the outfit!


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