Monday, September 13, 2010

A little touch of color.

I have almost finished arranging my new house. I have recently acquired a new roommate, my best friend Christian, and we have been packing, cleaning, arranging, styling, and enjoying our little house at the top of the hill. Our styles are very different, but somehow it just works. I tend to enjoy brightly colored and chaotic furniture, lamps and curtains, while Christian more enjoys the classic shabby chic type style with light colors and floral print.

here is a little preview.

If I had to compare our sense of styles to a book or movie, Christian would most certainly be some sort of Jane Austin novel (Pride and Prejudice to be exact), while I would be better compared to Jennifer Anniston's character in Along Came Polly very sporadic and lost at times. We have managed quite nicely though. I cook, Christian cleans, I tweet and blog on my computer, Christian reads a novel, I blare Cloud Cult and Radiohead on my Ipod, while Christian listens to Frank Sinatra at an acceptable tone on her record player. A perfect combination right?

our little kitchen window.

Z kitchen

Mr. Buddha

lavender mantel display. smells SO yummy.

i hope you enjoy.
I am super excited this week. My little sister comes back in town! She can finally help me prepare more goodies for this weekends craft fair at Pepper Place.

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. The place looks really cute carrie! :)

  2. your couch is so pretty! Makes me want to curl up in it with my laptop!

  3. This is awesome! the different contrasts go so amazingly well together.

  4. i LOVE your home filled of treasures. it is a great mixture. enjoy your lovely home and good company.
    peace & love!

  5. I love the descriptions! Your photos are great, it sounds like the two of you are getting along style-wise, very cool.

  6. cute place! LOVE the couch with the quilt on it :)

  7. oh my goodness.. i am in love with your home.


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