Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Splendid Giveaway


This will be the simplest giveaway ever I promise.
I have too many adorable vintage items sitting in storage
at my house that need to be loved. So I offer you a chance to win one gift certificate to my shop worth $35, as well as your pick of a handcrafted journal made from recycled album covers.


I planned to do a giveaway when I reached 100 readers, but I got so caught up with school and moving that I did not have enough time. I hope that this little giveaway shows my appreciation and respect to all of you bloggers out there. This blog has become quite a passion, and I really hope that you enjoy reading. I recently added an EMAIL ME button which is perfectly suitable for just a friendly "hello" email or some thoughts for new posts.

I giggle with joy from every blog comment I read, and I also love discovering about new readers. My boyfriend sometimes feels he has to share me with ETSY and BLOG... haha

alright, on with the giveaway
here is how it will work.

simply follow this blog and
leave a comment below with one of your favorite
blogs or inspirational sites.

(try to leave a site you think I would not have visited- i love new discoveries)

or tweet about this giveaway
please mention @carriefagan so I can see!

(please leave your email in the comment)

the winner will be picked at random and announced
next Tuesday August 2nd

I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday


  1. I love so many blogs but I would have to say my favorite is either crafty pirate or Kaelah Bee!

    These ladies are inspiring because they are REAL people with real lives and real ideas!


  2. Congrats on 100+ followers!
    One of my fave blogs is, so much eye candy!

  3. Those blogs are on my dayly list:

    I hope you will enjoy! You can also take a look at my blog :

    xoxo, Marion.

  4. Oh my goodness! I really, really love this giveaway!
    I was trying to think of a blog you don't already know about...and one of my fave blogs is this one:
    She is the cutest, craftiest, sweetest little hippie girl! :)
    xx, Jamie

  5. Hey i'd love to enter this awesome giveaway haha :D

    My fave blog is the dainty squid- i have a minor obsession with her haha

    Other websites i'm often on and you might like :3


  6. cute giveaway!!! i love it!

    my favorite blog ever is:

    Kaelah is such a sweet girl. I know you'll enjoy her posts!

  7. I just discovered this artist last night and I'm pretty much in love with her art! Maybe you will too? :)


  8. My favorite blog is Postsecret. I'm sure you've heard of it, but it's the only blog I really check regularly.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Tweeted.

  11. What a great blog, very colorful and fun! xoxo, Sher

  12. I'm a follower! :) My favorite blogger is Lucy in the UK, you can find her at even my bf loves her blog haha :)

  13. Hello! You have a lovely blog!

  14. Tweeted this morning.

  15. oh my this is splendid! you have a lovely blog here, and i am loving your vintage treasures.
    a big smile over to with love, jamie.. she is so sweet, i love her blog but im guessing you've met. :)
    this is another lovely blog friend of mine- flaming hag folkwear:
    hope you enjoy! i am going to add you to my 'blogs you may fall in love with' section. because i think im in love.
    peace & love!

  16. What a grand giveaway! I heart your store and your blog! You can see that I even mentioned you in one of my posts:

    My favorite bloggies are:

    I also like:

    Thanks for doing a fun giveaway!
    Pick me! :)

  17. Oh so many pretty things!!

    I love because she always has amazing decor-related ideas/inspiration!!

  18. Hey hey hey!

    I just found your blog from Polly (the Littlest Polly) and I'm totally going to follow you! I love your blog. :) Congrats on 100+ followers! That's awesome.

    So, my favourite inspirational blogs!

    There's a few for now! I've got TONS though. :)

  19. What a great idea! One of my favorite blogs is The Steampunk Home, which always has unique and old-fashioned styles for interior decorating, etc. I just love it.

    P.S. you commented on my artwork blog awhile back so I just wanted to say thanks! I appreciate you checking it out. :)

  20. tweeted.

  21. Wow! I've been enjoying Giant Dwarf's blog lately. Her stuff is just too cute!

  22. tweeted.

  23. the shoes next to the owl look so adorable! do you know forever is today? lovely.

  24. New Dress A Day, is a blog I can't get enough of even though I don't sew. Love seeing what she does.

  25. i just favorited a lot of items in your shop! :) those oxfords?! LOVE!!!

    and they are my size ha

    J'ADORE these journals!!! esp. that first one (i have a thing for nude art ha) Can i buy that one? its gorgeous!!!

    i am your new fan and i found you through Thursday :)

    i just recently moved from TX to VA and met my first friend (and blogger meetup) danielle through blogging. She's a great girl and makes amazing jewelry.

    fingers crossed! xo

  26. Hi, Carrie!

    This is a nice blog :). Even if this is not an internationational giveway, I'll tell you one page that I like. It's

    Have a nice night!



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