Friday, July 2, 2010

Crazy Idea

SO, I have been saving all my pennies for the past year to buy my very first car. I said it, my very FIRST car. I am 22 and have never owned a car. Yes I know how to drive, and I have my drivers license, I guess I just really never needed one. I got around just fine at school on bikes, and whenever I needed to go home I just got a ride from a friend.I adore my two bikes, a bright red cruiser and a blue road bike. This has kept me in shape, and saved me tons of mula. I highly recommend getting a bike!

It has been a little nicer with Gavin letting me borrow his car. Although, this has meant TOO many trips to the thrift store, I used to bike to the thrift, haha GEEZ its so far away I'm silly.

Anywho, I have a reasonable budget of about 2,500.( I wish I didn't have to buy a car, but I will desperately need one once I move back home, too bad Birmingham has a non existant public transportation system) I envy those of you who live in big cities and can rely on public transit.

Yeah I bet your thinking what the POO is 2,500 going to get you. Well, my friends I have been searching craigslist and kellybluebook high and low like it is my job. And let me tell you, the only things you will find for those prices are SCAMS, and maybe some decent cars with over 100,000 miles and smoke smell or dog pee stains.

So here are my two radical considerations.

Idea #1 Buy an old (but running) VW van

(i found this beauty for 1,500$ I am seriously crazy right)

...but what she could look like

or Idea # 2 Buy a Vespa

(craigslist 1,200$
60mpg- beauty)

or i could just combine the two ideas... brilliant!

who said this had to be a practical decision...i don't
think you can beat 60 mpg
What was your first car?


  1. alright. this is what i think: if you have enough money to get a vehicle: do it. i had a vespa and i just sold it yesterday actually. it sat in my garage for 2 years. rarely used it, because it's pretty dangerous. :(

    i love the van though! super cute! ♥


  2. My first car was a '67 Buick Skylark convertible. My grandpa had bought it new in '67 and we inherited it when he passed away. It was HUGE, but it was awesome! It was white, with a black drop top and red interior. Kinda like this

  3. Oh, and I know that old VW's are pretty easy to work on if you or a friend are good with cars.

  4. I say go for either one! I've been wanting one of those VW vans for quite some time. They are so cute!

  5. Ahahah that first yellow VW is so cute!!! Either decision is a good one I think. :) Good luck!!

    Oh, and thanks for following me! I'm adding your button to my collection :3

  6. Oh, decisions!

    I drive a hideous late 90's hatchback that I hate, but it's very reliable.

    Personally I would go with the van! The vespa would look really sweet, but you could put gorgeous curtains in the van, sleep in it, take it on road trips...

    The vespa wouldn't even keep you out of the rain!

    Ultimately it's up to you though :)

  7. The yellow VW is so cute!! My first car was an '87 Chevy Nova. Or, as I liked to call it, the ghetto sled.

  8. the VW What an icon! you should definately get that...
    P.S. love your store at ETSY...Question do you send to Australia?
    If you have time check out my blog about decoupage

  9. Here from My Girl Thursday... love the Vespa!! My first car was a 1983 Buick station, the kind with the faux-wood panelling. It was 1993 when I was driving that, so it wasn't pretty.

  10. i have wanted a VW bus for years, and almost bought one this year. But you need to know a good mechanic and be willing to put a lot of money into them...especially if you are buying one below $5k. They always need a lot of fixing and canoodling. I ended up buying an old subaru wagon. They are affortable and last over 200,000 miles. good luck!

  11. Wow! Your ideas are SUPER CUTE! My first car was (and still is) a yellow Austin Mini Cooper that is 30years old. I've bought it used and running and I have been in love with it ALL MY LIFE! It's so tiny and cute! You can see it here:
    I'm also in love with the Vespa. I've always wanted to own one!


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