Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pearl River Blues


I literally have 25lbs. of blueberries now stored in my fridge! Yesterday Gavin, and his little sister, and I went to pick blueberries at
Pearl River Blues Farms. We visited Pearl River Blue's Farm last year and we absolutely loved it. The farm has over 3,000 blueberry bushes, chickens, a veggie and flower garden and wonderful friends. If you have never gone to a farm near you and picked either blueberries or strawberries I highly recommend it.

Pearl River is an organic farm so they don't spray the field with any pesticides or herbicides. You can eat as many berries as you want right off the bush. And did we ever. Gavin and I remembered not to eat a lot because we knew we would be filling our bellies with berries.
Right now is perfect blueberry picking season, so research a blueberry farm near you!

Gavin and I will freeze most of the berries and eat them year round. I'll post my favorite blueberry recipe tomorrow.
It is so much fun getting to know farmers in your area, we even brought
home one dozen fresh eggs.



Has anyone else gone blueberry picking?


  1. wow. looks like you had a real good time (:
    i look forward to the recipe!

  2. wooo hoo!! i go to a berry picking farm every summer with my family in colorado! it's so much fun! i'm sooo jealous!

  3. I now have such a craving for fresh, in-season blueberries. And I love the sound of no pesticides!


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