Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funky Furniture

The last thing I really need to buy before I move back to Birmingham is more furniture. But I just love searching online to see what other people have in their homes. I mean, I am going to need it very soon right? Why not buy it if I find it cheap. I love the idea of having mismatched furniture. Whether you have one large dining table and many different chairs, or just a living room filled with your favorite pieces. It adds so much character.

Here are a few pretty pieces I found online for purchase! (some of them are not so cheap...) but still OK to dream!

(this chair I found at a thrift store! isn't it great. The seat even pulls out to show a secret compartment. what a beauty)




Oh I almost forgot. I have a giveaway going on over at
Annie Banana's blog.
Its super simple to win! only 5 people have commented so far.
Check it out. You could win all of these:

4 daisy napkin rings
2 antique flower brooches


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I'm feeling a little better from my sickness so I might go out for a run today! What are your Wednesday plans?


  1. LOVE your blog! it's sooo chic!

    followed you! follow me!

    Muah! ♥
    paislea elyse

  2. Great thrift store find!!! I heart that chair.

  3. Wow amazing pieces of furniture! Love your chair, good luck with shopping for more :)


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