Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY- a craft extravaganza

Very soon I will be moving back home to Birmingham. I am excited/nervous/sad. I will be leaving my boyfriend here in Tuscaloosa while he finishes up his master's in Biology. Gavin is my number one supporter so its going to be a little tough without him. On the excited side, I will be moving to a larger city with tons of art, excitement, jobs and new friends. Actually I have very few friends in Birmingham so I'm very anxious to get to the city and explore. I will also be on the search for a job, gosh I'm already graduating from college, its seems so surreal.

Anywho, once I move back to town I will be a nanny for my younger cousin. I thought I would take this splendid opportunity to create as many crafts as I can with her. I soon plan to open a community craft/vintage/art collective shop downtown, so this will be the perfect opportunity to try out some young kid crafts. Here is a small list I have come up with. (with images) I will be posting DIY steps and pics to all of these endeavors upon completion.

1. Dream Shadow Box


2. Photo Mobile


3. Crochet pet rock (first I have to learn to crochet/sticth)
maybe we will just paint them...


4. Pretty wire wall decor
SUPER excited about this one.


5. Felt hair clips of course. because they
are always a huge hit with the ladies

What craft did you create recently? Do you have any pictures?


  1. so cute! i love the hair clips! they're perfect! ♥

  2. So cute, I love your ideas!
    My dream is to open up a craft/antique shop downtown...someday I WILL!
    Love your hair clips too! :)


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