Friday, April 2, 2010

What time is it?

Buy this clock on ETSY.

I would love to find these two clocks at the thrift store. I have a little obsession for clocks.
I have a few at my house that I really love. Its funny, my boyfriend Gavin has quite the fetish for wrist watches. He has an entire bowl filled with watches that he hardly ever wears. Well, I have plenty of pretty wall clocks, but they get use every day!
It can not hurt to have at least one clock in each and every room.

Images above taken from weheartit.

The clocks above and below were created by Roger Wood.
Roger Wood creates with time in mind. Yet even though the clock can be a consistent element of his work, it’s often secondary to its creation. Whether it’s a curious timepiece or a unique assemblage, Wood thrives on working with an immeasurable array of findings from the tarnished and forgotten to the odd or intriguing. You can purchase these wonderful works of art here.

I am envious of these creations.

This little guy I made. He was super simple. Just find an old tin can, two candle sticks, two arms from a baby doll, and a camera for a head. Purchase a clock kit from Hobby Lobby (about $7) and of course you will need a drill and maybe some glue. Then get started! No mor einstructions needed, just explore different ways to join and connect the parts.

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