Thursday, March 4, 2010

Incredible Organization within Chaos

Where did she find the cross.. and the disco balls..?

I love the silver sculpture sitting perfectly on the shelf.

perfect combination of random shelves paired together. if only i had access to an entire wood shop. OH, but I do, at school.

I have an idea to take a Styrofoam head and paint it or cover it with some sort of paper mache for a scultprue piece.

Books arranged by color I love it!

I cannot wait until I have unlimited funds, and a blank canvas (house) to fill with beautiful things and practical storage. It kills me to not be able to put nails into the walls. I tried, well sort of, with some tacks, but it is just not the same. Gavin helped me once, because I was ruining the dry wall, but it would only hold the lightest of frames. Here are a few funky storage ideas and just beautiful places I found. All thanks to TheMoldyDoily. Check her blog out it is pretty insane.

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