Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Hair Clips

I have so many wonderful friends. This weekend I was fortunate enough to actually get paid for crafting. If only this could be a career move. It was absolutely wonderful. My friend Kristy Joe babysits for a wonderful family in Tuscaloosa. Janet and Jim have three children, Mason, Molly, and Lucy the Birthday Girl. So, a couple of my friends helped out with a craft filled birthday party. We decided to make hair bows, because what five year old does not enjoy some hair accessories. Kinsey, K-Joe, and I spent about three hours playing with little girls and crafts. Here are a few pics from the Birthday party.

Our wonderful hair clips. We had to make sure they were stylish enough to share with the Birthday crowd.

One of my favorites.

The girls went crazy over the table filled with sequins, fabric, buttons, flowers, bows, and glitter.

Bottom left- Molly (Lucy's sister) had stunning red ringlets. The hair bows went perfectly in her curls.

Now if only I could figure out a way to do this for every little girls Birthday. K-joe and I thought about passing out business cards to all of the moms to see if they wanted us to come and bring crafts to their kids parties. thought this is the best idea ever. We bring crafts and food, and enjoy a splendid afternoon playing with kids! I will be thinking of how to make this a reality.

These hair clips are super easy and very cheap to make.

(everything can be purchased from your local craft store)
Metal Hair clips
different colored felt
Assorted buttons, sequins, glitter, and flowers
glue gun with sticks.
Birthday Girl.

just cut the green felt to fit the metal clip, then glue any and every accessory on that you wish. Be sure the clip is dry before you place it into your hair.


Love, Carrie

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  1. These hair clips are so beautiful
    I think I'll make some for me!!!


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