Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canary Cakes

Love this bike. Buy the print here. All inspiration.

Bike from ETSY. Buy a print here. Who wouldn't love to own a purple bike. I know I would!

Here are some pictures I used to draw a little inspiration. Of course I trust ETSY to find all of these wonderful pieces. The bird posted above you can find here.

I also like this font, and green of the cupcake underneath.

Here is some work I have done for one of my classes. (Design) I can not pick which design I like better. I have plenty more, but not really good enough to post.
The whole idea behind the bike, is that the cakes would be delivered on a canary bike. If only they had a place like this in Tuscaloosa. The Cake shop is to be set in San Diego, right next to the beach. So the design had to be something really bright and sunny.

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