Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Internal Yodel

Mybe this is the begining? To begin in a room. Not just any room a disterbed room. Filled with exeptional confused thoughts of searching for this purpose a muse. Something to focuss out attention on or to. But these simple distractions pave the way to the truth behind my new begining, an exciting thought filled with stared new compliments and open stories. A round birth of excitement and debt. A whole new rhelm filled with sneakers and striped shirts, funny glasses and plaid mistakes, velvet warmth and sniffles to lead. Yes this is where i begin to write inside the lines. But dont be decieved, a city which often evokes a quick frown and a disgust for crimson religion has indeed paved a journey for me to the depths and forward beginnings of my poetical horizon. My internal yodel, and yes of course my muscular engine in you may. This new starting line has almost arrived too soon, or too late to document. To document this place in what is hoped to be my last university ground. My last emotional cluster crammed into dorms, classes, assignments, grades, excuses, part time work, soggy food, and winter breezes.

But why do I hope?

Who would hope to spring and luggage from this routine place. Who decides the time for a change? This will be the documented attempt to capture my embark and escape and discovery from this place.

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